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Austrak has constructed 12 factories in Australia throughout our 32 year history. Some of those factories were custom-built to meet a client’s specific project needs, at times in very remote and challenging locations.

Commencing operations in January 2012, our factory in Dubai, United Arab Emirates is the twelfth and largest we have ever constructed, with an annual capacity in excess of 1.4 million sleepers.

Click here for Dubai Factory Datasheet.

Current factories:

Opened Location Annual Capacity // Sleepers Annual Capacity // Turnouts
2000 Port Hedland, Australia 400,000 -
2000 Wagga Wagga, Australia 780,000 -
1994 Geelong, Australia 450,000 -
1993 Rockhampton, Australia 450,000 200

Project-Specific Factories:

Years of Operation Location Key Projects
2012 - 2012 Port Hedland, Australia FMG's Solomon Expansion Project
2011 - 2012 Adelaide, Australia Adelaide AEP Electrification Masts
2001 - 2003 Tennant Creek, Australia Alice Springs to Darwin Rail Line
2001 - 2003 Katherine, Australia Alice Springs to Darwin Rail Line
1997 - 2000 Townsville, Australia Mt Isa Railway, Queensland Rail Tilt Train Railway
1987 - 1999 South Hedland, Australia Mt Newman Mining Iron Ore Railway
1987 - 1992 Wickham, Australia Robe River Mining Iron Ore Railway
1983 - 1999 Mackay, Australia Queensland Rail Upgrades, Sugar Cane industry rail line upgrades
1982 - 2019 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia** Jungle Railway upgrades

**Designed and constructed by Austrak for Malaysian client.

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