Maintenance Systems

Austrak has a long-established comprehensive maintenance system in place. This system is constantly being reviewed and updated to include next generational equipment implementation and incorporate the latest industry advancements. The maintenance package includes the following:

  • Preventative maintenance system
  • Six-monthly independent site audits (including bed equipment, beds and batch plant).
  • 24/7 technical support service
  • Commission new equipment and upgrades
  • Onsite training of employees
  • Refurbish, upgrade and expand factories, plant and equipment

While the equipment is refined, efficient and dedicated in operation, the majority of the subcomponents are relatively common and readily available, shortening component reordering lead times.

Plant and equipment is highly standardised in its subcomponents allowing interchangeability of common parts, minimising maintenance stock levels.

The factory, plant and equipment have been designed to be easily serviced, with immediate access to all components requiring only simple standard tools to service.

The combination of the maintenance control package, along with the standardisation and commonality of equipment components, ensures new maintenance personnel are competent within the shortest possible time.

The equipment construction is robust by design and will maintain production with minimal maintenance and down time.

We understand the importance of reaching production targets and design for 24/7 operation.

As the project draws to a close we can offer packages for decommissioning and or dismantling and abandoning the site.

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