Tailored Design Solutions

Austrak is able to design PC sleepers to meet the requirements of any design code or specification. Austrak is also able to employ a limit states design through the patented Austrak Rational Design Method.

The Austrak Rational Design Method uses a design process that uses real traffic characteristics, real track conditions and proven material capabilities to develop a sleeper suited specifically to the clients' needs. The process addresses the actual performance criteria for the PC sleeper:

  • The PC sleeper should not fail under the occasional extreme loading event (ultimate capacity)
  • The PC sleeper should last for the required operational life (fatigue, durability)

The process considers:

  • Entire loading spectrum
  • Load distribution
  • Ultimate capacity
  • Fatigue in concrete and steel
  • Durability


  • Austrak can incorporate any fastening system into its mould design providing accurate rail positioning.
  • Austrak can predict the “shortening” reactions that occur with prestressed concrete to ensure that the rail gauge obtained in track is correct and consistent.
  • Austrak can design sleepers to modify the ballast pressures obtained.
  • The use of a large number of individual wires provides a more uniform stress distribution in the sleeper cross section.
  • Placement of the individual wires allow “fine tuning” of the design to provide the required capacity in an economic way.
  • Austrak factories are designed to ensure that the specified wire patterns and prestress force are obtained in every sleeper produced.
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