Why Choose Austrak?

Austrak designs and manufactures concrete sleepers. We can produce them for a range of applications for a variety of clients. We can also build concrete sleeper factories for specific projects, or licence our products and systems for our clients.

10 reasons to choose Austrak

  1. Product performance – Our core focus is serving our clients with the highest quality in safety and durability for concrete sleeper solutions. Our emphasis on research and development, design and manufacturing technologies ensures we consistently deliver products of an exacting quality.
  2. Engineered solutions – Austrak can design the sleeper, build the factory and operate the factory to achieve your performance and delivery requirements.
  3. Value – As the largest sleeper manufacturer in Australia, we provide cost effectiveness, scale and efficiency.
  4. Multiple supply points – We have factories in key locations around Australia allowing fast, reliable and cost-effective delivery.
  5. Certainty of delivery – Our huge range of products, combined with dedicated production sites around Australia means you have more options available to get your sleepers delivered sooner.
  6. Responsive customising – We can design a specific solution for you, and can respond quickly if you need a late change to job scope or design.
  7. Innovation and service – Our dedicated team has years of experience and a passion for its work. We don’t sell products, we sell solutions. If we don’t have an existing solution for your needs, we’ll make one.
  8. Design expertise – We have in-house product and equipment design capability and the support of our global technology partner, Abetong Teknik.
  9. Reliability – We have a 39-year history of delivering consistent quality and performance. Sleepers and Turnout Bearers are our core business.
  10. Strong financial backing – Austrak is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Vossloh, a leading global rail technology company.
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