Our Process

Sleeper quality is a top priority

Austrak long-line method ensures a very effective bond between the wire and concrete. Austrak factories employ wire pattern control devices during concrete placement to accurately obtain the specified wire pattern and prestress force distribution in every sleeper produced, providing uniform quality sleepers.

Every sleeper is individually inspected

The diamond saw produces a clean cut through the concrete on the end of each sleeper with no protruding tendons. The cut surface demonstrates the quality of the concrete materials and compaction process used.

Robust machinery

Austrak’s machinery survives operators and arduous environmental conditions. Strength, simplicity, ease of operation and easy maintenance are built into all of our machines. Our equipment is designed to engineer out as much as possible the chance for operator error.


Austrak’s production methodology minimises machine movements and reduces non-productive effort. All Austrak factories benefit from our 35 years of production experience and 12 factories to date. This level of experience allows accurate labour modelling for prediction of labour utilisation and therefore accurate cost modelling.


Austrak guarantees integrated sleeper handling logistics which eliminates handling of sleepers, leading to even greater cost efficiencies.

Lean manufacturing principles

Austrak’s integrated raw materials flow logistics, machine efficiency and process flow efficiency ensure a holistic design of every element of the site.

Construction cost efficiency

Austrak’s factories are the epitome of efficient building layouts. This light building structure ensures even greater cost efficiencies.

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