Austrak has a team of in-house electrical and mechanical engineers which provide

  • Commissioning of new plant and equipment
  • Commissioning of new products
  • Adapting existing machines to new products
  • Ongoing support for the above

The team’s experience in pre-stressed concrete sleeper production allows all equipment to be commissioned with minimal interruption to production.

Challenges associated with introducing new products to the production process are dealt with by the team, ensuring the product meets the tight tolerances specified.

Latest technology, where appropriate, allows for PLC systems controlling the equipment to be interfaced with and interrogated if required.

All Austrak machinery is connected to a network which allows for dial-in support to assist site staff in the interrogation of the machine's PLCs. Wireless technology is embraced to allow for interrogation of purpose-built mobile equipment.

All Austrak plants use the same in-house-designed SCADA systems to control the concrete producing and concrete curing processes. These systems are unique to Austrak, and with the dial-in capabilities, support is available around the clock ensuring that all plants, regardless of location, are serviced.

Any continuous improvements to the SCADA system can be rolled out to all sites using the dial-in system.

The SCADA system creates reports which are sent to key stakeholders automatically, providing the information to assess the performance of the equipment and provide the relevant support, including KPIs.

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