Rapid Deployment

We specialise in the rapid deployment of factories, and have a proven track record of doing so in remote and inhospitable areas. When working on the 1400km rail line from Alice Springs to Darwin in central Australia, we built two dedicated factories in extremely remote areas. These factories produced two million sleepers in a 16-month period to meet tight project deadlines.

Austrak is a vertically-integrated company which designs pre-stressed concrete sleepers and turnout bearers. We design, construct and commission factories. Austrak can also train employees, operate and maintain factories and refurbish, upgrade and expand factories

Austrak has an in-house skill set that allows a rapid deployment of a manufacturing facility.

Austrak has a reputation for servicing locations that are remote to help the client achieve the best-delivered cost of the sleeper and we purpose build factories to serve one project.

To shorten lead times and capture our collective experience, all disciplines of engineering are grouped as packages to give our clients off-the-shelf products.

We understand how to design a factory for a specific project and the steps to ensuring a rapid deployment.

This situation allows us to embrace some of the lean principles of manufacturing and to apply the rules of continuous improvement, with an aim of minimising the variables at the same time.

Time frames range from five to nine months pending government approvals.

Life after the assignment presents us with new challenges of decommissioning and or dismantling and abandoning the site.

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