Conveyor Footings

Conveyor footings are used to support a conveyor system that safely transports materials from one location to another.

Austrak can design conveyor footings to specific client requirements. This capability offers cost effective customised solutions considering design parameters such as maximum bending moments, ballast pressure, length, width and height constraints, and insert requirements.

Austrak can supply products with cast-in lifting anchors, forklift tine channels, and other unique inserts to suit the mobility requirements of the client. Unlike with typical cast in-situ solutions, Austrak products can be moved with the conveyor system upon project demobilisation and reused for another project.

Prestressed concrete products have a higher structural capacity for a given cross-section compared to precast products. Hence more economical sections are possible using less material. With low establishment costs and minimal lead times, Austrak can supply conveyor footings for any project requiring quality, flexibility, and project certainty at a low cost.

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