Data Acquisition

The Austrak Rail Impact Device (ARID) is a data acquisition system which Austrak uses to collect the wheel load spectrums as seen by the rail. This information can then be used as an input into a new sleeper design or used to determine remaining life or load carrying capacity of the existing concrete sleepers in track.

The ARID system uses strain gauges which are “glued” onto the actual rail web (at the neutral axis) and wired to a high-speed data acquisition system which is fitted at a convenient place near the rail track.

A range of tools have been developed to quickly determine the neutral axis on worn rail, prepare the rail web surface and attach the strain gauges.

The ARID is calibrated in-situ, is self-powered and automatically collects and saves the wheel load data.

Hence the unit is left unmanned at the location for a specific period of time after which the data is collected and the ARID is removed.

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