Level Crossings

Road crossing panels are used at level crossings where a road intersects with a railway line. Austrak Precast Concrete Road Crossing Panels were originally designed in Sweden by Abetong and have been in track for more than 25 years.

Due to ease of installation and long-term durability they are an economical alternative to bitumen and rubber panels.

Austrak has supplied road crossing panels mainly in the Pilbara region of Western Australia for mining and highway applications to suit standard gauge tracks.

A road crossing panel generally contains one centre panel, two side panels, two slab support panels, four bearing pads per sleeper and rubber strips for sealing.

Austrak Road Crossing Panels have the following advantages over its competitors:

  • Easy to install as no fittings or drilling of sleepers is required prior to installation
  • Easy to remove from track for tamping purposes as no permanent fasteners involved in design
  • Austrak Road Crossing Panels are provided with sealing strips which prevent ballast and other debris stacking up between Rail and Concrete Panels. The sealing strips also provide resistance to any lateral movement of panels in track
  • Support slab on each end of crossing prevents the direct impact of wheels onto the side slabs. This results in minimal direct impact of wheels onto rail infrastructure
  • Designed to suit a variety of sleeper types
  • Proven product for over 25 years
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