Prestressed Concrete (PC) is produced by the application of compressive forces from tensioned steel wires or strands. These forces act to reduce any applied tensile forces allowing PC to be used in situations where bending stresses occur.

Sleepers are exposed to repetitive bending stresses in a railway track and as such the use of PC is an excellent example of combining a material like concrete, which is suitable for mass production, with high-strength steel to provide the required tensile capacity.

PC sleepers are produced in a pre-casting operation where rapid production rates combined with quality control processes can produce the large numbers of PC sleepers required to the specified tolerances needed for railway track construction.

A precast PC sleeper is an “engineered” product where the structural and materials engineering processes are used to produce a sleeper that has the required strength and durability for the intended application.

Quality management of the raw materials and processes, along with in-process and final product testing, ensures that each sleeper is produced to the tolerances required.

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