Special Sleepers

Beyond the standard range of turnout bearers, Austrak offers a range of adjustable options and creative bearer profiles to suit specific customer requirements.

Transitions – Transition sets are generally used to join mainline track to turnout lines. Because mainline track is canted (generally at 1 in 20), transition bearers have rail seat cants at varying angles to support the rail through the ‘transition’. Therefore, transition bearers ‘smooth out’ the rail between mainline and turnouts, avoiding any abrupt changes in rail profile.

Derailer Bearers – Derailer bearers are used in combination with electrical switch systems to throw trains off their rails when hazardous traffic conditions are detected. For instance, if there has been an accident on the tracks ahead, a derailer may be used to throw the train off the tracks to ensure it does not run into the accident zone and cause more damage.

Splayrail Bearers – Splayrail bearers are generally used before bridges and overpasses to ensure loose wagons are forced back onto their rails prior to entering the crossing zone. Splayrail bearers are produced in sets to support both the mainline rail and the angled splay rail as it rejoins the mainline track.

Guardrail Bearers – Guardrail bearers are used to ensure any wheels of a train that have come loose of their rails are not allowed to come completely free and cause damage to the track. Generally a guardrail bearer will force the train wheels back into their correct orientation.

Specialised Turnout Bearers – Are you looking for a bearer profile that’s not standard but simply must have it to make your system work? Austrak has the capability to create a range of bearers with varying length, widths, depths, cross-sections, profiles, and strengths. When it comes to concrete bearer design, the possibilities are endless. If there’s a design we don’t have and you want it we will add it to our repertoire.

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