Turnout Bearers

A turnout bearer is a special type of railway sleeper that is used to support the rail when mainline track ‘turns-out’ to form one or more diverging lines.

Turnout bearers generally come in sets, with a variety of different bearers required to complete the set. Depending on the size of the turnout, this may be as few as 40 bearers, or as many as 150. Turnout bearers are typically much larger than mainline sleepers, with lengths in the range of 2.2 – 7.5m.

Austrak is the market leader in the Australian concrete turnout bearer industry. We were the first to introduce prestressed concrete bearers to Australia and have more than 30 years of manufacturing experience. We have the utmost confidence in our in-house design, engineering, and manufacturing abilities to tailor turnout solutions to meet any client need.

As per our mainline sleepers, Austrak turnout bearers are designed in-house for application in some of the harshest environments in the world. Manufactured from pre-stressed concrete, they are sturdy, reliable, long wearing, and capable of maintaining track gauge through their full design life of at least 50 years. Once you choose Austrak turnout bearers, you can be sure that you’ve purchased a quality product that will function maintenance free - giving you peace of mind.

Austrak has a huge back catalogue of standard designs available, however we are primarily focused on developing new and customised solutions to suit our clients' needs. Our dedicated team is geared towards working closely with clients to help turn their turnout concepts into reality. The result of this close interaction is a reliable, fully-certified product delivered on time to the right place. Indeed, we recognise that it is only through aligning ourselves with the needs of our clients that Austrak remains at the forefront of turnout bearer technology.

In partnership with our ongoing sleeper business, Austrak turnouts are produced in a large-scale repeatable casting process. The efficiencies gained from our manufacturing techniques enable us to focus on quality, while ensuring economies of scale and cost effectiveness for our clients.

Historically Austrak has supplied turnout bearers to suit applications that include the following:

  • Narrow gauge passenger and freight trains
  • Standard gauge passenger and freight trains
  • Broad gauge passenger and freight trains
  • Standard gauge heavy haul iron ore trains
  • Dual and mixed gauge passenger and freight lines
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