Dubai factory celebrates inaugural job

October 8 2012

Austrak’s Dubai factory has finished their first job - production of 255,000 sleepers for FMG’s Solomon Expansion Project.

The Dubai factory was commissioned in January this year and has performed exceptionally well, producing 255,000 sleepers in only 9 months.

The factory is Austrak’s newest and largest facility, implementing state-of-the-art technology that helped the factory exceed production targets in record time.

The factory also features new safety initiatives encompassed within the design layout, and has become the benchmark for safety performance with zero reportable injuries in more than 6 million working hours.

Larry Hadley, who is leading the Dubai operation, is proud of his team’s effort and the exceptional safety, performance and quality record.

“Our guys have really stepped up and done a great job,” said Larry. “Most importantly, our safety record is terrific and it sets a benchmark for Austrak’s existing and future factories. Mission Zero has really been taken to heart and everyone has taken personal responsibility for the safety of all.

“In terms of efficiency, we reached performance targets well ahead of schedule and then exceeded them. In addition, this has been done with a fantastic quality record – our sleepers have an incredibly low rate of defects and the client is very happy with our product.”

Austrak developed a specially designed sleeper pack to help protect the sleepers from any damage during handling and shipping back to Port Hedland.

Peter Thomas, FMG’s Project Director of Port and Rail Expansion Projects, is pleased with both the quality and the delivery process.

“Austrak has performed exceptionally well with their production from Dubai,” said Peter. “We’ve had very few defects and the Austrak team have handled the logistics requirements very well. Sleepers have been delivered in perfect shape, just as they came out of the factory.”

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